After a boating accident, hiring the right attorney can make all the  difference in your financial recovery. Not all law firms share the same experience or approach cases in the same way. We are trial lawyers. From the outset, we prepare each and every case as if it is going to trial. In our experience, that is how boating accident victims receive the most equitable settlement

There are countless different types of boating accidents from recreational boat collisions and allisions to cruise ship shore excursion injuries. These claims can raise very unique and complex issues such as choice of law provisions, shortened statutes of limitations, and intricate jurisdictional issues. When you are faced with a devastating boating injury, be sure to contact a personal injury attorney with boating accident experience.   

Boat Accident

Boating Accident Statistics


The number of recreational boating accidents reported by the Coast Guard in a single year


Number of injuries on a single cruise ship  over a 3 year span

$42 Million

The amount of property damage alone from recreational boating accidents in a single year


Median age of a cruise ship injury victim based on a study of one vessel over a 3 year span

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